Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Letter from the Nicaragua Managua South Mission President

Elder Bronson,
You sound like you are excited to get here to Nicaragua! Keep studying the language.  In the beginning you probably won't understand much, but that is NORMAL.  Learn all you can now, practice and make mistakes now.  It will all help you when you are here.   Are you learning a lot in Preach My Gospel?  We use it extensively.
Nicaraguans speak quickly and drop the "s" in their words.  You will get the hang of it after you are here a little while.  Don't worry too much.
As for the first day, each of you will need US $10 to enter immigration at the airport.  You won't need to worry about money after that.  We will take care of your food and housing. Every missionary will get a debit card with their monthly amount on it.  It will all be explained the first day at orientation.
The North mission does things a little differently than we do.  But all Nicaraguan Missionaries, north and south, love their missions!
You arrive on Monday and have a day of orientation training and an interview with the President.  I suggest that you pack the day before so you can get some sleep on Sunday before the early ride to the airport. You will work with missionaries in Managua on Tuesday and meet  your companion on Weds at the cambios (transfers) meeting.
You wear your suit coat to any meeting where the chapel has air-conditioning (not all do) and you wear it to multizones and all interviews with the President.  By "wear" I mean that you bring it with you and put it on when you arrive.  It is too hot to wear it on the bus to get to the meeting.  The Assistants will go over all of this at orientation.  And feel free to ask them any other question you may have.
We are excited to have you with us soon.
And I like that you are always working hard.  That's the sign of a real Nicaragua Managua Sur missionary!
Hermana Russell

Just some news on what I will be doing in two weeks!

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