Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week two in the CCM (MTC)

Last night I was laying in bed when it occurred to me that we have been praying for my trainer in Nicaragua and we didn't even think about my companion in the CCM!!  We live and we learn. We will be more prepared for my younger brothers!!
Last night was the Mexican Independence Day.  Mexicans were up all night blasting music, singing and setting off crazy loud fireworks.  My casa didn't go to sleep till like 2 am, but it was kinda fun.  We climbed on top of the roof of our house and we could see over the wall.  Everybody was just getting drunk so it was pretty cool.  Right before I came to email, we climbed up this ladder up to the top of the three story Thomas S Monson building.  We could see everywhere.  I got some sweet pictures, but the bummer is I cant get the card reader to work on these Mexican computers.  I am taking lots of pictures, and yes, my journal is pretty sweet right now.  I have written a lot! 
My Latin friends, from my casa, left yesterday.  It was sad, but we got all their emails and stuff and soon I will be able to talk with them in perfect Spanish. 
So Sunday I wrote a talk about prayer which was the topic for the week.  I was freaking out and worked so hard on it , but I didn't even get to give i.t I had an awesome personal story in it...which leads into your question about the food.  The food is good, but I am getting tired of cheesy bean bread for breakfast everyday!!  So I was complaining a little about the food for dinner and I said all i want is a ham sandwich!!  Then that night, I prayed for better food.  I did not even say ham sandwich and on Sunday, for breakfast, we had a ham sandwich. For lunch, we had some sort of meat sandwich and for dinner a hot turkey sandwich with MASHED POTATOES!!  It was the best day of my life. I was so going to use that in my talk!!  
When do i have time to prepare a talk?   I try to put like 10 minutes a day into writing one a day so on Saturday I don't have to waste all my study time to writing it.   
I haven't really been homesick yet, but sometimes when we are laying in bed I think of home and when I wake up I think to myself, "hold on this isn't my room", but i am surviving.
The most spiritual thing happened on Thursday. I was tired and my companion I were going to teach our investigator.  I had worked hard on my part and Elder Hoffman on his and were really ready. We weren't feeling the Spirit that much, so we prayed and I asked for the true love of Christ and all that kinda stuff.  Then when we went into teach her, we gave our lesson and at the end of it, we asked her to read a scripture.  She started crying so hard and she started thanking us. Like she isn't a real investigator, but she said the Spirit was so strong! I almost cried and all of you know I don't cry, like ever!  So it was way crazy. When that happened, my companion and I were happy for the rest of the day. 
Oh I almost forgo.  Last Wednesday, I was super sick.  I couldn't move and my companion was just gonna leave me at the casa by myself. I was like I can't stay her by myself and I can't come to class.  So, we went on splits and the district leader stayed with me till noon.  He is the coolest guy ever and he is super nice.  We go on splits a lot together.  
I think I have said everything I have to say, so I will write next week and maybe find out a way to send pics some time!! 
Love you 
Elder Bronson
Elder Bronson & Elder Paulino from the Dominican Republic

The Beatles

CCM District

View from the roof of our casa

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