Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bad News, Good News

I am finally healthy again!  I started to throw up blood and they wanted to take me to the hospital on Friday if I didn't start to get better, but I was feeling much better by Thursday.
The good news is we get to watch all of conference (in English), but the bad news is that it is in the burning hot gym.  The good news is it has really good cushioned seats that are nicer than our beds!  The bad news is being comfortable will make it hard to keep awake!  We are an hour ahead of you, so we have Conference at 11.  I am really excited for the priesthood meeting and it will be the first one I have taken notes for.  I have been practicing taking notes for like the last two weeks or so at every devotional, so I hope I can get a lot out of this conference!
I sort of had a dream about the family; it was really strange.  It made me miss you guys. It is weird to think that I have been gone for a month, but I still feel like I can just go home and walk in the front door and take a seat on the couch and turn some Netflix on or something. I think of home and miss home and sometimes I wish I was there, but it has not ever crossed my mind to go home, so that is a blessing that I have. I know that I am doing the right thing here!
To get some good quiet study time, I have started doing additional study and writing in my journal in the bathroom. It gives me some alone time that I need really bad and then my district is like why are you in the bathroom for so long? So I have been telling them I am constipated.
Also, I received the card reader. Sorry I didn't write the other day in the evening, but time got away from me.  On the plus side I did win the volleyball tournament thing here, so there is a plus.
I will see you in a little bit! (give or take 23 months)

Elder Jordan Bronson

Elders Bronson and Hoffman

Chilling at the Mexico City Temple visitor center

That is one big Book of Mormon

Viva Mexico
Jordan wonders how they got the likeness so close to him
Nicca South Elders

Elder Bronson hanging with his homies.

Fellow Hillcrest Knights:  Elders Jordan Bronson, Hunter Shepherd, and Brian Brower.  (Pic taken by Elder Parker Erickson)

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