Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One week down!

Wow the CCM is crazy (CCM=MTC). My companion is Elder Hoffman and he is an interesting guy. He is definitely who I am supposed to be with.  On the first full day here, Elder Hoffman and I taught our first discussion to an  investigator, all Spanish at about three o clock on Thursday. By then I was practically fluent, so it went really smoothly. No it was quite rough to tell the truth, but the next day we taught her again and it was 100 times better. The gift of tongues is real, I just don't have it.  I was blessed with the interpretation of tongues. I can understand just about everything that is said or at least get the jist of it. My companion can speak pretty well but not understand Spanish very well.  So I listen and tell him what to say and he says it. Yesterday, we taught Enya for the third time and Elder Hoffman and I were mad at each other. We had prepared very well for that lesson, but it was complete garbage because there was no spirit present. It really helped me understand why we need to have the spirit with us at all times.
So Elder Hoffman and I, along with three other companionships all live in the same casa. It is a great blessing because we have heard the dorms are really crappy. Every night before we go to bed, we hear at least three gunshots that are close, then some machine guns that are a little farther away. Mexican Independence Day is coming soon, the thirteenth, and we have heard from our teachers that things get pretty crazy! haha Also, there are ten people in my district and so far 4 of them have been really sick and had to go to the clinic. That is no good, but I am feeling healthy and fine. I'm so busy and love my district so much, that I haven't gotten home sick yet, which is a blessing in itself. 
My district is awesome!  The Hermanas are super sweet and nice, we all get a long very well. We have gym time everyday, except for Sundays. We play a lot of sand volleyball with the district that our zone leaders are in. They all leave next Tuesday which is sad because they are super sweet to us and they have really helped us and taught us. Right now, the thing I am most worried about is my Spanish, but when you have the Spirit with you, you find yourself saying things you didn't know you could say. It's crazy, I have only been gone a couple days, but I have had the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. Last night, my casa mates all got together with 8 companionships of native speakers and one companionship of english Elders, that are really cool, and we had a Family Home Evening.  We all bore our testimonies in our native tongue, which was way cool because even though we didn't speak the same language, we all understood through the Spirit.  The native Elders have been teaching us so much; they are a great blessing to me. I will send a pic of some of them later, but I can't do pics right now. 
I love you guys and I have been missing you guys a lot, but I am doing the right thing!
Elder Bronson
PS P-day is Tuesday for me

Luke and Logan, there are some beautiful birds here, bright blue and green ones, that will talk back to you. It is pretty crazy!

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