Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jordan's First Email from Mexico City

well i'm at the mtc mexico is crazy! i only have five minutes so i will have to be quick so that means no capitalization or spell check. dad sent me that picture and you look pretty good mom but of course i look pretty slick in my suit. i gave the first discussion today on the plane to Houston it was crazy there was this catholic guy that wanted to know everything he could about Joseph Smith and it was kinda scary but we talked for the whole time and i didn't even get to sleep so that was interesting but on the way to mexico i slept the whole time. then when i woke up i was in a whole new world there are no stop signs in mexico or sidewalks so everybody is everywhere but  we survived we only just got in to a couple accidents instead of a lot! but me and two other elders made it! i didn't meet them till i was out of the mexico airport and into mexico i had to fill out the fm paper but i also had to fill out a questionnaire that is really important that was in all Spanish luckily i had made a friend that spoke Spanish in Houston and she translated it and helped out! i saw Morgan Joeys friend at dinner today and his nose is huge. we bought candy off the side of the road and it has just been overwhelming really surreal but i need to go so i love you guys and i will write more.i think tuesday is my p day 
Elder Bronson

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  1. We were so happy to get an email from Jordan when he got to the Mexico MTC! Sounds like he is off to a good start.