Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Last P-day in the CCM

Sunday night or Monday morning, whatever you call it, I get on a shuttle at 2:30 AM to take me to the Mexico City Airport.  My plane departs at 6:20 AM for El Salvador then we fly to Nicaragua. I need to restate that. We need to leave the CCM at 2:30, so we need to have all of our stuff and that such on the bus by 2:00 AM, so we won’t be sleeping that night that’s for sure! We are landing in Nicaragua at about 10:00 AM, so we won’t be flying that much.  We will just be in the airports chillin’ I guess.  I have two English and one Spanish Book of Mormon I am going to try and hand out at the airport, so that will be a test of my Spanish! I would like to call though, but it also might be like in the middle of the night or way early! I don’t know if you want that!
Conference was way good. We were in the auditorium for 19 hours in the two days, so if we were awake we were in there. I took more notes for the 5 sessions then I think I ever did in high school. We stocked up on candy to keep us awake during the sessions! Other than Conference, not much has changed.
To answer your questions: I am so excited to leave. The days are exactly the same now and I am getting tired of the monotony. Something awesome that is happening is all six guys in my district gave one of our teachers 150 pesos and he is going to go out and buy 5 ties a piece from this one store he knows. We will get them tomorrow and I am so excited, that is less than a dollar a tie!! I am a little sad to be leaving, I have a lot of friends here now, but it will be nice to get out of here!  
Also a funny fact; I don’t think I ever be able to live on the run! I can sleep through huge thunderstorms, with cop sirens in the back ground, and the occasional gunshot, so if I ever live on the run, I will sleep through the cops!! Useful skills of the mission I guess!!
I am sorry do you have any more questions for me or anything? Not much has really happened for me so I want to hear a lot about home!
I love you

Jordan Bronson
Jordan wrapped up in Nicaragua

Mixed up name tags

Zone Conference

The District with Oreos from home


Post Haircut
Jordan used to do this as a little kid...but as a missionary?

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