Monday, October 20, 2014

More Pictures from the CCM

More Mexico City
District pic with Hermano Sanchez (funniest teacher ever!)
District pic with Hermano Villalobos and Hermana Velasquez,
our two main teachers that taught us every day.
All sporting our new haircuts for Nicaragua
Elder Wolf,
teaching us how to tie cool knots on the day before he left the CCM.
Our district likes volleyball so much that we made up this game called "Memorization Volleyball."
Every time we hit the paper ball, we have to say the First Vision or a baptismal invitation or
something in Spanish. It's sooo awesome. We play it for our last half hour of language study most nights
and it works great for memorizing!
A group pic with Hermano Perez. He got home 3 months ago from his
mission to Panama City.

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