Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Too Much Spicy Foods

It is crazy that I have been out over three months!! Hunter is 13, a teenager, what the crap! Haha.  To answer your questions; I haven’t opened the mosquito repellent or the mosquito net yet.  Aloe is my savior here and I can buy it here! They also make a really expensive aloe drinks.  I haven’t bought one yet but I want to try it! The ants are much better.  We have been doing a lot of home repairs, so we don’t have ants, rats, or bats in it anymore.  That is a big plus! Also, for the first time in 9 weeks we have a toilet that flushes!  Before we just had to plunge everything down, but we had a guy redo the pluming so it actually flushes! He said I don’t know how, but all the pipes were just chuck full of crap!!! hahha (that needs to go in the blog).  
We found out today when I was in a meeting in Managua that we can write or call or both or skype or all three on Christmas! So that will be good!
Now a story that I am not sure qualifies for an only you dad or for mom too?  I am fine to start off, but I have been having a lot of chest pains.  It was getting a little scary, so we called the doctor.  So the doctor said I have something that starts with a g and sounds like arthritis, I can’t remember the name, but it is like gastritis.  My stomach is enflamed and pushing on my chest, so when I eat and walk I have a lot of pain, but it is fine we push on.  He gave me pills to take and said I would be fine in a week.  Also, no solid food this week, is rice a solid?
This last month, our zone had the most points in the mission.  You receive points by bringing people to church, teaching, baptisms etc.  We were invited to a BBQ at the home of President Russell. It was super awesome and we had a lot of good food!!! As a companionship, Elder Bachez and I are working so hard, well when we aren’t at the hospital or the doctor’s.
We went to Managua on Wednesday, just me and my companion, so we took a bus. We were going to the hospital for a checkup for Elder Bachez.  Usually it is about an hour to Managua, but there was a ton of traffic.  We were on the bus for 3 hours, which made us late for the appointment.  The doctor had gone home so we have to go back next Wednesday.  Also, we are going to be in Managua tomorrow for a meeting we have with President Russell. We were in Managua last Tuesday as well, because we needed to buy stuff for our district. Oh yeah, I am the district leader’s companion, I may have forgotten to tell you that (we are also the only elders in the District, so it is kind of given hahaha).  So many days of work lost L.
Elder Baches is super awesome, I like him a lot! He speaks Spanish at almost 150 mph, but it is really helping me learn how to understand Spanish.  Elder Asencio spoke more slowly and distinctly.  Elder Bachez is fast and machetes everybody, so I am learning a lot from him!! so that is good!
Yesterday was La Policima, which means basically everyone goes out and parties and sings in the street.  It is a little bit like Halloween, where families go house to house, but instead of getting candy, they sing and chant things to the Virgin Mary.  Because of that, it was hard to find a cyber-café that wasn’t full and because of that, I didn’t have a lot of time to email.  So I will tell more stories next week!


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