Monday, December 29, 2014

tener un feliz año nuevo!

Well we have spent all the morning walking around looking at houses today (The Mission President’s wife saw where they lived and told them to move).  Every place we look at is either super nice and more than 130 dollars a month or it is so crappy we are not allowed to live in it!! So it is really hard to find a house to live in, but we will keep on trying!
Since it is almost New Years, I thought I would share my New Year’s goals for 2015.
To be healthy and not die (haha)
To work hard on my Spanish!
I am feeling pretty good today. I don’t know when I am going to have an endoscopy, but I think I am going to have one this week.
We took a tour of a historic Catholic cathedral this morning.  It had an awesome view to take some sweet pictures, but I don’t have any way to send them because we are at the church and the computers do not have USB ports and everybody is really angry.
The lady that does our laundry also feeds us lunch every day, she is super cool! I really like her. Her family is my Nica family.
(Jordan told us a story about doing a baptismal interview over Skype on Christmas day; since Jordan’s trainer is the District Leader, Jordan get to accompany Elder Asencio to the interviews.  This girl, who Jordan has never met before, at the end of the interview, asked Jordan to baptize her because of his red hair, so we asked if it happened).  Yes I baptized her but she wasn’t from our area but it was pretty cool to do that. I am feeling good. I don’t know when I am going to have an endoscopy. But i think I am going to have one
I can really tell a difference in my hair imagine what the color will be like in two years!! (We commented at Christmas that his hair is redder than we have seen it since he was a baby)
We don’t have very much time today, so I think I have to go! But things will be better next week!
LOVE Elder Bronson!
P.S. I tried not to use as many hahas to help you guys out!

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