Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hospital for Thanksgiving

Wow this week was crazy!! To start it out, on Wednesday, I was supposed to go on splits with another elder while all the other elders in our zone went to the change meeting in their suits. I was in my working clothes when I dropped off my companions at the bus. As I went to go on splits we find out that the elder I am going on splits with needed to go to the meeting as well!  So I ended up going to the meeting as well without my suit, looking like a fool!! So that was awesome! When I got there, I worked with the elders in Managua but nobody told us when the change meeting ended. At the end of the day, we showed up at the meeting, and you guessed it, the bus for Granada had already left!! It was already 20 min away, so it had to turn around and come get me which is where I met my new companion! He is super cool I really like him! His name is Elder Bachez who was born in El Salvador but lives in Guatemala now.  My new zone leader is Elder Asencio, who is in a 4 sum companionship! So that is cool!  As we are on the bus, I asked Elder Asencio, “hey who is your companion?” He said somebody and I said, “Who”, because I didn't hear him.  He said su. In Spanish su means him, her, and you, so I thought he was saying me, but he was saying this other guy. I was super confused. Anyway, we get to Granada and my companion is having crazy stomach pains, so we went home for the day. Then in the night, he was having problems; groaning and couldn’t sleep. I am freaking out thinking he is going to die or something. So we called the Hermana Russell, the Mission President’s wife and she says come to Managua, we have a clinic we like to use. So we get there and they send us to the hospital (which is nicer than any hospital in the states) it was so freaking nice, I kid you not. Why did they send us there you may ask? Because my companion, Elder Bachez’s appendix was going to explode, so they take it out immediately. He had a two and a half hour operation and then 2 hours of recovery and stuff. So what was I doing for four hours? I was with President Russell having a four hour interview!! It was a little scary!! I think I passed, because I am not coming home right now, haha!  He is a great man! The best part about being in the hospital for three days is the food. First day breakfast was an omelet. Lunch was steak. Dinner was steak. Second day breakfast was eggs and bacon. Lunch was a sandwich. Dinner was chicken. Third day breakfast was omelet. Lunch was a hamburger and dinner was steak!! It was super good! Super twanni!! (cool) haha.  That is how I spent my Thanksgiving, so don’t feel so bad for me. I have also read close to everything possible to read in your mission! The the last couple days we have just been chilling in bed, but tomorrow I get to go to Managua for a meeting and Friday to the hospital again, so I won’t be working much this week either!!
The best part of the week was we went to the ¨DI¨ of Nicaragua so you can imagine how nice it was. I was able to find 10 books of the teachings of the prophets, like teachings of John Taylor in English for 5 corbs a piece, so that was sweet!! But all in all, I have had a pretty good week!!
Love you,
Elder Bronson

PS, we have no time to write this week, so no pictures.

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