Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Baptism!

Well another week has gone by and I am still alive so that is a plus!! I am a little sad that I didn't get to see everyone’s costumes for Halloween, but at least you sent me pics!!!
I had my first baptism of somebody I had asked to be baptized. His name is Willmer and he used to be a gangster, so he had a couple problems before we talked with him. But after we talked with him, he mellowed out and stopped everything completely. He really likes me and always touches me, which like you know I love!! haha He is a pretty cool guy!  Also, he is like a whole head taller than me! In the picture he was slouching and I had my big shoes on!! He always wants to go on visits with us and he will put on his white shirt, that is to small, and walk around with us.  It is really funny! I am having a lot more fun now that I am out of the MTC and is my companions are great, I really like them a lot!
Now to answer your questions:
1. We pay a lady 750 cords (@$28) to feed us every day at 12 and do our laundry. We give her our laundry on Thursdays and get it back on Tuesdays, so I have been wearing a lot of dirty clothes!! Also I am really glad that my shoes have a two year warranty; we will be taking advantage of that because they are getting hammered!! We don’t have anything to cook with, but we do have a mini fridge. I buy 3 litters of sunny D for 35 cords (which is my breakfast) every Monday, so that is what I use the fridge for and some other little foods! Mostly I just eat at noon. I don’t have hunger during the day for the most part and the people we share our house with own a pulperia, so we buy a piece of bread or two before we go to bed. Then we wake up and do it all again! Funny story; I didn't eat any of my oatmeal packages or instant mashed potatoes during the MTC, but now I have eaten 7 oatmeal packages and 1 mashed potato.  The potatoes aren't very good with luke warm water. The spuds don’t become potatoes without a microwave!  I might just buy one in my next area because it is only about $15 dollars to buy one.
2. There are dogs everywhere. We carry a Book of Mormon everywhere we go so people know that we are LDS and also if we need to hit a dog with it! It isn't too bad, usually there are enough rocks around that you can hit the dog before he gets too close and he will run away!
MOM!!!!!!!! You didn't like my stories????? Why not? I am glad you liked them Dad!
Sundays are no fun.  I feel bad saying that, but they are so hard. Instead of our normal day, we work from 8am-9pm running around town trying to get people to church and it is tough! We go on splits with members every Sunday morning because there is church at 9am and at 2pm, so the 6 of us split in to 3 companionships.  We probably will talk to 24 to 30 people and commit them to come to church and then only 6 will show up. It is so frustrating that they will just lie and avoid us. If you don’t want to listen just tell us, because it is no fun to walk to your house when we have to scale a mountain, beat a dog,  get yelled at by drunks, and then have you not even come to church!!
I have decided how I can describe the area! To compare the size to Idaho Falls, it would be 49th street to Lincoln road. Our house would be where Ammon Elementary is and the church would be by Country Corner. It is probably over a mile away and all our investigators would be living in a neighborhood by the golf course! I will have huge legs by the time I get home!!!
I love you guys hope you have a great week! I hope i answered all of your questions!
Elder Bronson
I thought of one more story.  We fasted Saturday from lunch to Sunday lunch, which wasn't that bad because we do that a lot, but the no water part is hard.  See, I thought that I was getting used to the weather because I had stopped sweating. The truth was that I was super dehydrated. When I broke my fast, I drank three of my one litter bottles of water, two cups of juice we get for lunch, and two cups of water during lunch; all within 30 min. Then I just started dripping sweat!! haha so that probably isn't good, but whatever, I am still alive!

Our Casa.  You are seeing just about all of it.
The Beach
Elder Olsen and I meeting our Trainers
Outside our Casa
The companionship.  
One weird looking bug
Enjoying P-day at the Beach

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