Thursday, November 20, 2014

The things you eat in Nicaragua

Well this week was kind of crappy, haha.  It was a good week until Friday night.  We received a call informing us that we can’t teach Renaldo and Ingrid anymore since they are out of our area now. Their baptism was the next day, along with their wedding. We were told we couldn’t go to the wedding that we paid for, but we could go to the baptism because we had one more person getting baptized. Elder Hartley was so mad like me, but he has been teaching that family for almost 8 weeks.  He was way sad! Saturday was supposed to be such good day; Elder Asencio hit the 18 month mark on Saturday.  I finished my lesson plans in PMG (I had to do a two page lesson plan every morning on each point of chapter three in PMG).  We finished reading the white bible in Spanish.  I had one month in my area. We were going to have five baptisms and one wedding with lots of cake. We had a lot to celebrate for after the baptisms were had plans to go out to eat because we needed to celebrate.  Instead of having five baptisms, we had 0 because the other girl fell and we couldn’t baptize her, which made us late to the baptism too.  Luckily, we were still able to see the family but it kind of sucked.... we were dripping wet because it had started to rain super hard right as we started the 15 minute walk to the church. Also, one last thing that sucked on Saturday is we finished studying early because we had to go meet the Hermanas to give them the paperwork for the four baptisms that they were taking over and of course they were a half an hour late.  The Hermanas are late for everything. Since Elder Asencio is the district leader, we do a lot of interviews and when we go with the Hermanas they walk so slow to the houses. It takes them 45 min to get to the church. After that we went to get our money from the mission because we get some every 1st and 15th and there was a huge line at the ATM for some reason. We waited in line for almost an hour to have my card not work for some reason, so I took it out on my own card and I just get paid back from the mission, but that really sucked. So as you can see, it was kind of a tough week, but then something cool happened.  I received a letter that was signed by everybody in the ward and that made my day a lot better! Also, I brought out all my letters that Mom, Dad, Bishop, Brother Standley, and Brother Marlowe wrote me when I left and you all said something about how a mission will be hard and doors will close but others will open. I read those this morning and it was crazy because all five of you said almost word for word the same thing. It was a boost and it made me happy. I have a renewed attitude!
Something awesome that happened last night was we taught a member because we that do every Sunday night at 8 and I could understand everything! I talked a lot more and my Spanish was super good! I was really happy and the member complimented me that it was good! Also, we got a container with three little slices of cake from Renaldo, Ingrid and family and they said how much missed us. It was super awesome! That is my week pretty much!!
I have been eating a lot of duck and strange parts of chicken, which are mostly bones with very little meat. Well yesterday we all got strange pieces. Elder Asencio got the knee cap, Elder Hartley got a bone with no meat on it, and mine was just a circle of meat but it didn’t have a single bone in it.  I have no idea what part of the chicken I was eating. All my investigators ask what I want to study after my mission and when I say cooking they want to teach me how to make different dishes.  So I have learned how to make guyo pinto which is rice, beans and fry plantains and how to make this strange beef patty thingy. It tastes good, but I don’t like what we do to prepare it.
Love you!

Elder Bronson

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