Monday, November 10, 2014

The Wedding Planner

Sounds like things are crazy back home!! I am sorry. My week was pretty good.   I honestly can’t remember most of it because it went so fast!  I feel like I just wrote yesterday and I don’t have much to say! But I love you guys and grandpa! I hope he can start to feel better!

I have one story this week about how hard Satan works to stop the work of the lord. We found this awesome family of four! They love church and have no problems with anything.  We were planning on baptizing them in three weeks because they have to attend church three times before they can be baptized.  So they go week one, love it. Go week two, love it!  They get super sick week three and don’t come except one of their 13 year old boys, who comes to both sessions at 9 and at 2.  He loves church so much!  We were pretty pumped and decided we would baptize him last Saturday!  He goes to his interview Friday night and as he is being interviewed he says he drank coffee like 4 days ago!!!! WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!  This was the first time he has ever tried coffee and he felt really bad, so we didn’t have a baptism and it was super sad.  Then on Saturday, we go to visit the family and they are getting kicked out of there house...... what..... ya getting kicked out of their house!  They are moving to live with the wife’s mom in a different area.  We were so sad that we will not be able to teach them.  They are still in the branch area, so they will still be going to the same church house.  We go to church on Sunday and guess who is there, the whole family except the dad..... whyyyyyyyyy?!?!  So we call the zone leaders and get permission to go talk to him.  We took a taxi to their new house and talk to him.  He is still super sick but wants to be baptized!   With our help, he comes to church for like the last half so we can baptize the family. yay! We are so happy for them!!   Last night was the only night they could have their interview. During their interview it comes out that they aren’t married!  So this morning we have been running around to all these different places in our area preparing for a wedding this Saturday, 2 hours before their baptism!  How awesome is that?! There is so much legal stuff you have to do to get married that I can see why they haven’t gotten married yet!! haha  I think if everything stays on track, we should baptize them and another girl on Saturday.  That means our district of 4 companionships will have 10 baptisms on Saturday and next week if all goes well, we should have  somewhere between 18-21 baptisms! It is so exciting to see how well the work is going now!!

(I asked Jordan some specific questions about the missionary work in his area and here are his answers:)

1. Our relationship with the members that are active is super strong. Every Sunday 3 out of the 10 priesthood holders will come on splits with us. This allows us to invite all of our converts, investigators and minus (I think he means less) actives to church!  On Sundays, the primary president will feed us dinner and Elder Hartley and I will give her an English lesson. She loves it!! So the members really like us!

2. There are two branches in our area: an Estacion Branch and a Pacason Branch, ours is the Estacion Branch. We meet at two in the tarde and Pacason meets at nine, but church is church. So, you really just get investigators to go when they can go, but we always try to get people to go at two.  Yesterday, we had 152 people at church, which is the most ever at the branch.  If we can keep it up, we will get a chapel and maybe become a ward!!

3. We do have a church house, but it is about the size of half of our gym at home. It is really just a place that has a room and a podium. It isn’t much and it is too small for the amount of people we have been bringing to church.  Also, in Sunday School yesterday we had about 22 people attending and 14 of them were our investigators or converts.  Yesterday was a good day!

$. Right now we have 22 investigators, more or less.  Hopefully, if all goes well, 10 will be baptized this month.  So far this month, we have only had Wilmer’s baptism but we are working hard to meet our goal!

6. There is a mission rule that I keep forgetting to tell you.  I will only perform an actual baptism once. President Russel believes that if an investigator is baptized by a member of the local branch/ward  they will stay in the church longer then if it is done by a missionary.

One good thing, I don’t feel like a tourist anymore!

 Love you guys!!!!

Elder Bronson
Counting his colorful money

Studying on P-Day

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